Thermoshield™ is a flexible thermal and sound insulation material constructed by laminating a closed cell cross linked polyethylene foam with a tough reinforced aluminium foil facing.

Thermoshield™ features the following attributes:

  • Is user friendly
  • Odourless
  • Completely closed cell
  • Acoustical dampening properties
  • Lightweight
  • Fungi resistant: Aspergillus Niger, Penecillium Citrinum, Rhizopas Nigricans, Claddosporium Resinae and Chatomium Globuosom
  • Chemical resistant: Water, Sea water, Brine, Soap and detergents, Diluted Acids, Diluted detergents/alkalis, Alcohol, Ketones, Esters

Thermoflute™ is a thermal enclosure consisting of a 5mm Thermoshield™ outer surface bonded to a 5mm polypropylene fluted sheet.

As well as the attributes listed above, Thermoflute™ is made as a flat-packed boxed enclosure to help minimise heat transfer and act as an insulating box for many thermal applications.

Download Thermoshield brochure (pdf)