Through the diversity of our CNC machinery, PRP has the capability to produce custom designed stencils in a wide variety of sizes. With our cutting sheet maximised at 2400mm x 1200mm, custom lettering or pictorial designs can be cut out to produce a strong, robust stencil capable of performing and withstanding any application. PRP also has the ability to support various file extensions for more intricate designs.

PRP predominately creates its stencils from 1.2mm thick polypropylene sheet (although other materials can be used upon request). Polypropylene features the following important properties to aid in stencil manufacturer and enhance use:

  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistant
  • Resistant to a wide range of acids and alkali's
  • Resistant to stress cracking
  • Retains stiffness and flex
  • Low moisture absorption

For standard letter stencils, or pictorial custom designs, please contact us as we have the capabilities and software to produce and satisfy most requirements!