Gaskets and Sealing Solutions

PRP has been a leader in the manufacturer of gaskets and seals since the early 90's, providing expertise and solutions for various industries such as mining, agriculture, automotive, water and sewage. Our CNC machinery, enables the quick and efficient fabrication of different sized gaskets or seals as to the customer's requirements. This system has also enabled us to create an extensive database of ring joint and flange gaskets which comply with British/Australian and US international standards.


Where PRP first began, washers are still very much a fundamental part of our business and over the years we have continued to develop more efficient ways to manufacturer high volume washers at a decreased cost. We have a production capability of up to 10000 units/hour, whilst also housing an extensive range of off the shelf tooling in various shapes and sizes.

Rubber Products

Although gaskets and washers make a large part of our rubber database, over time PRP has designed and manufactured a vast array of customised solutions for various applications. Our extensive material range and technical database, including common rubbers like EPDM, Neoprene and Nitrile, provides customers with all of the information necessary to find an ideal material suitable for their component.

Sponge Products

PRP stocks and imports an extensive range of rubber and synthetic sponge materials and can assist in the development and manufacturer of sponge related products. Common sponge types including EPDM and Neoprene sponges are stocked extensively off the shelf, whilst we also have the ability to formulate and produce variations of hardness and densities of all sponge types (Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, Silicone and Natural). Please see our materials page, or contact us, for more information.

Foam Products

Like sponge, PRP also supplies and manufacturers foam products to suit many foam related applications, with a major focus in packaging solutions (both case inserts and fluted box enclosures), and filtration applications. Common foam variants include Polyethylene (PE) foam, EVA Foam, PE Ethafoam and Polyester, all with varying grades and densities.

Thermal Insulation

PRP stocks specialised thermal insulation predominately for use in air conditioning and insulating enclosures. Our closed cell cross linked polyethylene foam (PE) bonded to a tough reinforced aluminium facing (Thermoshield) makes for an excellent insulation material. Available as rolls, tubes and customised boxed enclosures. In addition, PRP also stocks a range of CSR Bradford fibreglass insulation, and PRP's CNC cutting machinery can cut all of these into a variety of profiles and sizes.

Electronic Insulation

In addition to our general thermal insulation products, PRP also stocks various grades of thermal management material for use in electronic assemblies and circuit boards. Our range extends to Bergquist VO Ultrasoft Gap Pad material, and also circuit board gasketing material (TGard 500) from Laird Technologies. These materials can be manufactured and cut into items such as gap pads or circuit board gasketing as per the customer's requirements.


Over the years PRP has developed many cross-sectional polymer extrusion profiles for many different applications. We design tooling and manage the manufacturer of the appropriate extrusion.


PRP can supply high volume injection and low volume compression moulding in all grades of rubber, including EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Viton and Silcone. We manage production by sourcing higher volumes from our overseas affiliates or manage smaller production with our local suppliers.

Case Inserts

Our unique machinery has given us the ability to cut intricate foam case inserts for a wide variety of case manufacturers, most noticeably hard case manufacturer Pelican. These inserts are constructed using an assortment of foams such as polyethylene (PE) foam for conventional inserts, or Ethafoam for robust or defence orientated applications. Other materials can also be used to give different density and aesthetical properties.

Packaging Solutions

Our larger facility has enabled PRP to produce and fabricate plastic fluted enclosures, boxes and divider assemblies, serving predominately the automotive industry. In previous years, PRP has always been a large manufacturer of flat pack container systems which were fabricated by third parties, but now PRP delivers a total assembled package which ensures competitive prices by increasing efficiency and turnaround time. Packaging systems utilise plastic flute for both the enclosure and divider systems, and can be made in a variety of colours whilst also lined with foam for added protection for delicate transportation.


Through the diversity of our CNC machinery, PRP can produce custom designed stencils in a wide variety of sizes. With our cutting sheet maximised at 2400mm x 1200mm, custom lettering or pictorial designs can be cut to produce a strong, robust stencil capable of performing and withstanding any application.