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PRP stocks several different insulating mediums catering for predominately the air conditioning and electrical industry.

Traditional insulation

PE foam with foil facing, known as Thermoshield, is a closed cell foam structure which provides excellent resistance values based on its varying material thickness. The reflective foil face aids with reflecting radiated heat, whilst an adhesive sticky peel can be applied to the opposing face to assist with installation. Thermoshield can be provided in sheet or roll form for custom profiles and designs, or tubular insulation for such industries as wine making and agriculture. To complement our Thermoshield range, PRP stocks a select range of CSR fibreglass insulation products for the cutting of componentry associated with the air conditioning industry.

Electronic Insulation

Specialising in select electronic insulating materials, PRP stocks Bergquist Ultrasoft Gap Pad Material and also a thin silicone fibreglass gasket sheet, T-Gard 500, by Laird Technologies. Our Gap Pad material comes in thicknesses spanning 0.5mm up to 4mm thick and is suitable for providing a gap filling medium between your electronic component and heat sink. Our T-Gard 500 is a specialised gasket material used for electronic gaskets aids in sealing circuit boards to their respective housings.

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