Case Inserts

PRP has the unique ability to produce case inserts for a wide variety of leading case manufacturers.

Utilising the latest in CNC technology, our inserts can be either cut or milled to produce an accurate and durable insert which profiles the exact contents within the case.

The profile is achieved by hand measurement and CAD drafting, or for more intricate profiles the adoption of our photo vectorising technique, which takes a high contrasting image of the object and uploads the contour as vector lines.

In addition to accurate profiling, simple block cut outs can be performed to minimise cost, whilst more intricate multi-tier designs can also be utilised to take advantage of deep cavities within certain sizes of casing.

Although we mostly use polyethylene (PE) foam as the material for our inserts, we also have the ability to cut from a wide variety of other sponges and foams, with the possibility of combining these to enhance rigidity or aesthetics.

Advantages of our inserts:

  • Custom made to suit any requirements
  • Can be designed specifically for leading case manufacturers such as Pelican™ and Vanguard
  • Wide variety of materials, including PE and polyester foam (as provided by Pelican™)
  • Special foams featuring anti-static and fire retardant properties
  • Multi-tier level designs

Major Industries Served

  • Defence
  • Photography
  • Industrial Tooling
  • Medical
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Electrical