PRP Manufacturing has over time developed a diverse range of products for a wide range of industrial sectors; most notable are our gasket and sealing solutions for oil, gas, water and sewage, and various packaging solutions for predominately defence and automotive applications.
Our product range has been developed by offering unique CNC computer cutting services utilising the latest technologies. We are able to work with customers to profile a vast range of customised shapes out of a wide range of specialised materials.
Our extensive material range consists of a rubber, fibre, sponge, foam, cork, insulation and plastic, all which can have strong bonded adhesives applied to their faces for additional cohesion and support.

Welcome to PRP Manufacturing Pty Ltd

PRP Manufacturing Pty Ltd, also historically known as Process Rubber and Plastics Pty Ltd, was founded back in 1991 by Director Steve Sernecki, and has now become widely recognised as a leading supplier and manufacturer of a wide variety of industrial related products.

Starting out as die cutting specialists at Holden Hill, South Australia, PRP Manufacturing has since grown considerably to a point where by its current location at Dudley Park will be superseded with a brand new factory move early in 2012. The brand new complex features state of the art warehouse and production design, focusing on such principles as 5S and lean manufacturing to even further enhance a functional, efficient and safe workplace whilst working in conjunction with a brand new quality management system, based on the world wide recognised standard ISO 9001:2008. find out more...

our location at Dudley Park